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22 player(s)
Build a catapult
42 player(s)
Kill 50 zombies with a sword.
137 player(s)
Kill 10 zombies with a sword.
19 player(s)
Shear 100 sheep
146 player(s)
Kill a Mother Blob
106 player(s)
Kill a Lava Millipede
20 player(s)
Get to day 12 without using a gun
117 player(s)
Killing 100 Monsters
30 player(s)
Killing 1000 Monsters
43 player(s)
Beeing to the second level of a dungeon
76 player(s)
Kill a Dragon
45 player(s)
Kill an Evil tree

Achievements in progress

Kill 100 zombies with a sword.
Eatting 100 pieces of cooked meat
Killing 10000 Monsters
Build 10 catapults
Kill 1000 zombies with a sword.
Killing 100000 Monsters
Build 100 catapults
Build 1000 catapults
Resurrecting a teammate
Walking your dog with a leash
Kill a Mask
Dying and beeing resurected
Send a bug report to the Build & Defend Team
Return alive from Hell
Rescue an Elf
Get to Day 24 without drinking any Health Potions
Rescue a friend from drowning