Suggestions & Ideas : This game has a lot of potential
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September 16, 2012, 8:22 am
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I knew from the images and videos that I would really enjoy playing this game. And I haven't played it much, but I already have some ideas for improvement to consider. My apologies in advance if any of these are already implemented!

Ability to remove wood blocks/stairs
I get frustrated when I accidentally place blocks - usually just start a new game.

One challenging aspect of the game is that you can't jump (well, there appears to be a jump in the controls, but it doesn't work). By allowing players to remove stairs and blocks, there is no need to jump; the player can temporarily use stairs to build things higher.

Increase speed for gathering resources
The speed is almost perfect for gathering wood blocks and placing blocks. In my opinion, the way it is now slows down game pace. I would increase it a little bit.

Larger maps
You could have the borders of the map expand with each boss battle or something. Maybe some procedural generation of terrain whose variables change based on player performance? I think gameplay would also benefit from being able to mine deeper.

Wandering Merchant
Have the merchant walk off the map every once in a while, that way resources aren't immediately available as soon as the player gets gold from monsters. Additionally, make only certain resources available; either randomized or increase the selection over time.

Additional tiles
I would suggest having some exposed rocky terrain and natural lava flows. Also some kind of metal ore for making bullets and other items (in this case, ammunition would not be infinite).

Graphical suggestions
The pixel art is pretty good, just needs some tweaking. Mostly some work on the palette to unify the different tiles (especially sand and grass) and the sprites. I'd be happy to help out with this. Just contact me about it if you're interested.
September 16, 2012, 6:12 pm
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Thanks for the advices and I am flattered by your proposition.

First, let me go through the different points:

>>Ability to remove wood blocks/stairs

You can actually remove any bloc with the "pickaxe". You need to purchase it to the shopkeeper.

>> Increase speed for gathering resources

I see the meaning of your advice. I'll test that in the new version.

>> Larger maps

The size of the map is currently a parameter. Since the current game is more about defense than exploration, there is currently no interest of increasing it too much.
In the future, it is planned to add several new mode for the game (some of them will be released very soon). And some of them will include exploration. At this point, I'll make the world infinite in 2 or 3 dimensions (more of less like it is done for Minecraft).

>> Wandering Merchant

I like this idea. Some players have proposed the idea to make "caravans" (like Dwarf Fortress) (which is equivalent to Wandering Merchant). I like this idea.

I really like the idea and it will probably be in the game at some point.

>> Additional tiles

The additions of new features in the aspect of the world (new materials and tweaking of the terrain generation algorithm) is definitively something that have to be done.

For the infinite/limited ammunition the current solution is the following one:
Basic ammunitions are unlimited, and you need to craft the limited ammunitions.
Currently the only limited ammunition is the catapult shot that need to be crafted from stone.

In future version, I plan to increase the power of the dynamite and to make it something limited (it will become one of the "limited ammunition").
For those of you who found how to get the dynamite, you will get the "recipe of the dynamite" instead of the actual dynamite.
With the recipe, your worker will be able to craft it.

Also, because of the "diggers", wood is far less useful in the latter game that it used to be.
So, I'll probably, at some point, make the arrows of the worker something that need to be crafted from wood (The arrow will also deal more damages).

>> Graphical suggestions

I am far to be an expert in pixel art, so it might be nice to have someone improving the tiles and sprites. I am interested by your proposition.
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