Suggestions & Ideas : XP / Technology Tree
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July 15, 2012, 12:18 pm
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I've an idea:
What about a XP/Technology Tree, that enables you to upgrade a few stats of your towers or maybe enables new towers in your running game?
The XP, you could gain by killing monsters.
I believe this would make each game more unique because everyone would upgrade different things.

Another Idea:
How about making the environment in the games more unique, every levels looks the same, you have the river an the same side in the same form etc. the only real difference are the meteors, which destroy different parts of the map in different games, if you create a more unique level genertor you could make different rivershapes and/or maybe some natural ruins from the past that could help you in the beginning (and would fit great in your story).

Greetings biro
July 15, 2012, 4:22 pm
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I love the idea of ruins from the past levels (with some kind of erosion).

About, the uniqueness of initial terrain, of course this will have to be done!

For the XP, there will be some in the Alpha 7 version -- but this will not be your Xp, nor the one of your turrets. I don't say more :)

Finally, about the tree technology. I have some beginning of thought about that. I hope to make some kind of table of combination that will lead to some better items/weapons/turrets.

For examples:
mechanism + arrow --> arrow tower.

I also want to add the "quality" of items. The quality will impact the efficiency of the item.
You will not be able to increase the quality of a given object, but you will be able to train and increase the quality of the new objects you will create.

Thanks for the idea!

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