Bug report : Local computer Co-Op bugs
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January 5, 2013, 6:12 am
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I just bought this game because I enjoyed it so much after my brother showed it to me the night before. During our playthrough, we both used the keyboard set up for 2 people.

Just so you know, I love this dynamic! You never really see it in modern games anymore, but I hope this feature makes the final cut. However, there are a few bugs when the game is played like this. The first one we noticed has to do with rotating the camera. When one of us would be moving around when the camera is moved, the character will spaz out and not respond well to directional control, continuing to walk a certain direction until you smash enough buttons to make him stop.

The second and BIGGEST problem with this local co-op has to do with those teleportation traps in dungeons! We'd be walking along together and BOOM! Hit a floor trap and one of us is teleported to the other end of the level. The only problem is, the camera doesn't split or zoom out, it goes to the non-tele'd one and follows him awkwardly trying to put the other in frame. This makes it near impossible to get through the dungeon without dying several times. (P.S. The mini-map was a good choice, we'd try to use it to find our way back to eachother)

Oh! One more thing. As a very small (but up-and-coming) youtuber, I plan to do a special about the game on my channel. Hopefully that'll get you at least a few more interested people. :)

Thanks for the game~,
January 5, 2013, 7:04 pm
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Thank for those returns :)

I'll solve those two camera issues.
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