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[Automatic] Vote for new features : Additional worker functions/jobs
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February 14, 2013, 10:49 pm
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Recently, I replayed Evil Genius and one thing that I love about that game is watching the various minions do their different tasks. (Cooks,ect..)

Some jobs listed bellow were mentioned before by other people. What other jobs would you like to be added?

: Brew potions,antidotes,work with chems to make weapons.

Cook:I noticed one of the top suggestions is more food, a chief would allow for more food variety.

Catapult/cannon operator
: Some of that hardware is nice...and it would be beneficial to have these be able to be manned by a worker. (Higher skill = better accuracy)

Valet/Teamster/medic: Job would be to carry unconscious workers to a bed.

: Either to fish for fish or to fish your player out of the water.

Sheep herder/breeder
: Keeps your animals self and keeps them from running amok.

Sargent:With this job you can assign workers to follow a single worker.(not the player)

To be honest I think it would look amazing to have a base/underground lair/town filled with many workers and a large selection of jobs.
April 10, 2013, 3:17 am
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I like this idea because when playing multiplayer I don't find it needed to put the workers as a patrol or attacker and seems like once you have more than 4 workers there really isn't too much you need them to do.
May 12, 2013, 3:17 am
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I love the additional jobs idea, especially, the medic! A leader like worker sounds interesting too. It reminds me of some of the jobs in Dwarf Fortress(Fortress Mode). For example, there was a 'Manager' type job that allowed other dwarfs to take jobs in bulk(i.e. craft 10x item) instead of having to give singular commands. It would be a really interesting addition to B&D.
And I agree with Arsinic. Once I have enough workers to chop wood and harvest wheat, I leave the rest to the mercy of the wild. Kinda brutal, but there's no room for generosity in survival mode. A wider variety of jobs would really push players to develop a "Community" of workers, and further expand their base to accomodate them(Hospital, bunks, strategically placed artillery for worker use, etc.). It would only make this awesome game even better.
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