General discussions : Stupid Spam Virus Advertisers
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March 5, 2013, 9:04 pm
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It's very annoying that these people are detracting from the professional look of the page and the game itself and preventing possible people like me who really enjoy this game, from buying it. For one thing, smart people aren't going to click on the links so you gain nothing. This just detracts from the professionalism that this game and webpage present and deserve to have preserved. Friggen leeches of society.

You know. I wouldn't be as bugged about these people if they had actually been smart about what they are doing. They are trying to get us to click on "Ralph Lauren Dresses" and "Purses". Yup. Purses. On a video game site. Thank you intelligent people. Not even smart enough to advertise(spam/virus) with something that would attract their audience. There are better places to be stupid at. This is pathetic.

End Rant.
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