Suggestions & Ideas : Weapon suggestions
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March 22, 2013, 10:04 am
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Would like weapon variety just for fun. As much as I like range, I'd also like to use swords. Should add wood, iron, silver, gold swords to the game.

Also, would be cool to add special weapons like mage wands. There'll be three different kinds: fire, ice and electric. They shoot out balls of their respective elements, and the range would be 2/3 that of the gun and unlike the gun, you would have to hold for 3.5 seconds to cast the shot (will stop moving during incantation and will get interrupted if hit), and do variety of things at collision or reach their max range:

Fireball: Will disperse into a cross-pattern at impact, dealing initial damage at target location, and cause burning at target location and surrounding squares in a cross pattern. Will burn main target, and then any enemies that touches a burning mob or square will have chance to get burned. Burn lasts for 3 seconds.

Ice Shard: At impact, will explode, dealing initial damage to target, and causing target and enemies near the exploded shard to be chilled, making them move slow. Chill lasts for 2 seconds. Bosses won't be effected by chill, but will still get damaged when hit with the shard.

Bolt: Fires an electrical bolt at target, stunning it for 1 seconds. Any enemies near the electrified enemy within the 1 second will get electrified as well. Does not effect bosses.

I'm guessing the wand part is too fancy, but I still like thinking about it.
March 22, 2013, 11:18 pm
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