Bug report : Stairs are OP and Block Duplication.
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April 3, 2013, 5:22 am
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Targeted Stair cases by monsters :My first bug is if you make a double walled area and then have a section with only one brick, to force enemies to try and break that brick. Then you use a stair case from the inside so that the flat part of the case is facing outside and is flush with the outer wall. Zombies ( and other enemies ) have a lot of trouble understanding they can't walk around the stair case. It takes them a while to slide from the middle of the stair case to the edge before they try to attack the block itself.

Block Duplication: If one "places" a block so its glowing outline is on the ground, but then switches to a different block type and finishes the construction. The block that was switched to is consumed instead of the original block, however the original block is constructed.

With one block of stone you can place the stone, switch to dirt, build the stone with the dirt, repeat, and have a stone fortress on the second night. A fairly serious bug!! I am not sure how multiplayer works but you could very quickly build a massive stone base with this bug.

I have only tried it with stone, wood, and dirt, stairs as well.

Both these bugs were found in the full version in survival mode.

P.S. I'm sure its well known but bad guys are really bad at pathing up and down ramps at angles!
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