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April 14, 2013, 8:54 pm
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This isn't for a LAN server, I intended on making this an internet server.

Hello, I have had a problem when I tried to make a server. I have already read about Port Forwarding, and I know how it works, though, when I try to port forward for B&D, It says the Master Connection has failed.

I added the ports to my gateway I-P, Using 54000 ; 54000.
Made sure it has access through the firewall.
Retried the connection.

Yet, I still could not get it to have access to the internet, LAN seemed to work fine.

I am thinking that, it is the servers port, 54000; Though I could be wrong, Most other port forwarding for server I have done, is usually 6 numbers long

( More than likely I am missing something to the details because its late )
April 17, 2013, 2:04 am
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When you create a multiplayer game, the game client send an http request to the website, and the website try to connect to your server (on the port 54000 by default).

If any of that fails, you will get the "Master Connection has failed" message.

In your situation, you should try the following:
1. Create a server (do not worry if you get the Master Connection has failed message).
2. Get your internet ip address and send it to a friend. If you do not know your internet ip, you can get it on any website like
3. Ask your friend to connect manually to your internet ip.

If this work, it would mean that you are unlucky (and that it might have some situation that I did not plan).

If this is not working, it means that your firewall or port forwarding is wrongly configured: You need to allow TCP and UDP in both directions on port 54000.

In last resort, if you cannot seams to make it work, I would advise you to make a test where you enable and configure the DMZ of your router in direction of your computer, and to disable your firewall.

This is not a safe solution in the long term. Do not worry to re-enable your firewall and re-disable the DMZ.

I hope it helps.
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