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[Automatic] Vote for new features : More Strategic Turrets/ Artifacts
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April 29, 2013, 8:25 pm
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How about turrets with passive/buffing abilities? I know that potions are coming out soon to buff players(and dog), but I keep thinking how much i would love more turrets like the tar pit. Turrets that don't deal damage, but can alter the flow of battle.
Health turret: anybody(including monsters) in its range slowly heals over time.

:Weakness turret: any monsters in it's range take extra damage (extra damage taken increases with upgrades).

Speed turret: any other turret in this turrets range has an increased rate of fire (rate of fire or number of turrets affected could be increased by upgrading)

Additionally, If the passive turret idea sounds to over powered, I also thought about artifacts. You could find them randomly in dungeons or as certain boss drops. These artifacts could be attached to 1 turret to give that turret a specific upgrade (damage+, rate of fire+, self healing, shots slightly slow enemy, etc.) These artifacts would be powerful so naturally, they would be rare to find.

This game is great, and I would love a broader range of strategies to approaching my survival.
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