General discussions : Noob question on how to deal with those damn bats!
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May 5, 2013, 7:39 pm
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So I played 2 or 3 games in the trial and bought the game. But I am having difficulty getting past the first boss 1/2 the time because of those damn bats!!

Generally I do the following,
1. Buy two wood towers
2. Construct a 'base' to some elevated wood with a corridor to the base. the towers are placed on the corridor sides so the zombies need to walk through the 'gauntlet' to get to me.
3. Easily survive the first night (1)
4. Buy two more wood towers.
5. Add the towers and more wood to the corridor/base
6. survive the next night (2)
7. buy a pick-axe
8. add to my elevated area with dirt to plant wheat
9. survive the next night (3)
10. buy a copper gun
11. continue building base
12. boss night (4). The damn thing is so slow that if I'm unlucky and it spawns on the other size/corner of the map the meteors come before it even gets to my base.

Chasing it down is pointless with the copper gun because of the mini-slime's block any hits to the boss. The only way I have successfully gotten it was to lure it to my base and hope the towers keep the mini-slimes dead so I can actually hit the boss with the gun. Otherwise no matter how much I kite the boss either the meteors/pits get me or the damn bats!! ARrrrrrggg, I hate them!

Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way the game is supposed to work?

Does anyone have a better strategy for the first 4 nights?

May 6, 2013, 12:53 am
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Hi Skitzman69,

In a few words, the bats appear when a boss is alive for too long.

An "easy" solution is to kill bosses fast!

I hope it helps :)
May 6, 2013, 1:45 am
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you can kill the slime boss with the copper gun very easily by night 4. You have to chase him down, and just avoid the smaller blobs. The large one moves a bit faster, and if you watch its pathing AI, it will move/stop/move/stop. When it stops, reorient yourself to its position by 90 degrees and it will pull out ahead of the smaller blobs. Aim at the very front/bottom of the main blob, as it's the only way to do damage to him.

For the first 4 days:
Day 1: get copper gun, plant wheat, gather berries and wood until night. Protect wheat, kill zombies, get enough gold for a pickaxe.

Day 2: dig a square moat around where you want your base (I do a 10X10). Keep up on your wheat, use the wood you gathered to build a wall on the inside of your previous moat. Moats are more effective than walls against non-shooty mobs. Start digging a moat around the entire map, leaving 2 squares between your moat and the stone wall surrounding the map, keep digging until night. Kill zombies, and save your money for the slow clock (important!)

Day 3: as soon as the day starts, use the slow clock! Keep your wheat going! the berries should last you the first few days, but you need a good wheat farm to be successful. continue digging the moat around the whole map, you should be able to finish. Make sure to leave a single way up. This way, monsters will spawn on the outside 2-wide path you made, and path around to the "bottleneck" you create with the single stair up from your moat. When you've finished this, start your mine! Mining is your lifeblood. Go down 3 or 4 levels and just starting tunneling and gather gold and iron. I'll leave it to you to figure out the most efficient way to mine. Mine until nighttime, and then defend with your copper gun until day. Save your money, and buy a workshop when you get 20g.

Day 4+: SLOW CLOCK RIGHT AS THE DAY STARTS! make sure you keep your wheat going. Keep mining and mining and mining! At night, kill the boss via the previously mentioned strategy, and make sure you SLOW CLOCK right when you kill him. Get your worker, assign him to farm your wheat, and be a crafter. Use some dirt to make a bloomery, and start smelting your iron and gold. Using the workshop, have your worker craft iron armor out of the iron, and sell it along with the gold to the vendor until you have enough money to buy gold shoes/armor/gun. Make sure to sell back your copper gun. If done correctly, and without wasting time, you should be able to have a full gold set and more food than you know what to do with by night 6 or 7. From there, you can start spending money on turrets, tar, etc.

don't waste money working your way up the tiers of weapons and armor. Use the copper gun until you can afford all gold, otherwise it's very wasteful.

Don't tell you workers to store their wheat/wood. When they have to take a trip to the barrel every time they harvest, it slows them down a lot. If they can just hold it on their inventory, they will harvest much faster. Then you can just periodically tell them to store it.

Make sure you always leave at least one way to your base, otherwise the AI will break, and having mobs just standing around will dramatically decrease your game's performance.

That should get you started. Feel free to refine/change it up, or completely ignore this and do your own thing. Also, ask any questions you want, I'm on here a lot!

Source: Made it to night 72 like a boss.
May 6, 2013, 2:14 pm
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Ah ha!!! Raouket, I knew I was doing something wrong! Thanks for the info, I hadn't even thought of mining...

I have had issues when I tried to shoot the slime boss missing all the time (I assume due to perspective), I will try to aim more for the base. I wish the gun could shoot a little up or down in elevation like the towers.

Some questions.

About the overall map moat...
So I should have a stair down from the outside ring and another stair up to the inside area, or just one up from the bottom to the inner area? I seem to remember the monsters would jump down a level if there was no obvious path...
How do you handle water? My first guess would be to dam it so it doesn't flow into the moat, but what happens if a meteor smashes the dam?

I must be doing something wrong with my worker because I cannot seem to get it to farm... I setup farming, harvesting and storage areas and enabled farmer job but it just stood around or slept... Didn't I read that workers got broken last patch or was that a few patches ago?
How do you heal your worker, I tried leaving a potion in the barrel but he didn't seem to touch it? My last one got killed by archers because I didn't have a wall (and I couldn't heal him).
How do you periodically tell the workers to store their collected wheat? Define and then undefine the storage area?

Thanks again for the pointers :)

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