Bug report : Some Bugs
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August 9, 2013, 3:36 am
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Some bugs (or maybe just issues) need some looking into.

Sometimes i'll get waves when no monsters will spawn or very little. I got a night 1 where one monster spawned. It did not even drop any money. I think their should be more monsters each round and make all killed enemies drop money, or the ones that do, drop more. I also think that monsters should spawn until the night is over, so once the sun comes up they will stop spawning. For like half each night they would not spawn. Sometimes monsters would walk or spawn in water and would die there.

The little red monster's pathing needs to be fixed. I would be right behind it and it would not know i'm there.

Sometimes workers/sheep would spawn on the wall.

And last of all, getting workers is annoying. You will have to drop the wheat right next to them or elts they will take like 5 min for them to find it. And that's hard because they run away from you. By the time they find it its night time and monsters nearly kill them, if they don't.

I hope you see this and make some changes, because these bugs could get annoying. Thanks for your time!

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