Bug report : 1.0.23 Bug List
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March 28, 2014, 3:11 am
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so for the duration that i have played the new build i have found very minor bugs, and id just like to compile then here for A. to have easy access to them :P

1. cookers no longer grab x amount of wood block needed to cook the wheat that they put in the bloomery cannot guide sheep through fence doors you need to manually destroy the door then rebuild it once the sheep are inside

I just stumbled upon a few more so here they are

3. fence doors will no be given back when "mined" with a pickax, they are just destroyed

4. cookers tend to roam aimlessly when there is nothing in their queue to get from the bloomeries and will trek cross map for no reason.

a couple more

5. fence doors sometimes become rotated when opened, this does not allow sheep to escape the pen it just causes it to be destroyed when you dig it up

6. sheep sometimes die when bosses are spawned and some times its even at random times

thats all i have for now :) thanks for taking a look
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