Bug report : After i reached day 68 iv found many "bug"
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April 22, 2014, 4:07 pm
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First of all sorry for my english i just hope you understand XD

Workers. When i destroy something they immediately go for it its okay but they dont care if its in the deepest hole or the in water so that was really anoying rescue them over and over again.
(make them to collect honey)

Wheat. im not sure it a bug but its doesnt make any sence if you place a block to the top of the water then it wont work anymore the water still there contact with the "wheat block" but doesnt work.

Monsters. If you build your house in the air or water they just freeze sometimes even the flying monsters. So in a bossfight u can make the night endless.

Elf. Stupid little bi.. i hate her! she destroy anything in her path if she wants something and if she doesnt want to destroy your whole defense then she decide to commit suicide in the near lake.
-After the last patch the elf comes before i even met her. If you kill the evil tree she fall to the ground and run away. After the dungeon she come back. But now the evil tree comes after the dungeon so the elf appear before this boss.

Water. well its not working perfectly but not that bad.
This game NEED more sounds especially for this gas/bomb monster and maybe more music.

I think thats all. but i didnt use everything.
April 23, 2014, 1:15 pm
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i forgot to say about the pistons when i built a fence door and a piston the lever just gone crazy i cant connect what i want example when i choose a piston it will open the fence door
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