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August 4, 2012, 10:00 pm
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Ideas/suggestions for the game-


1-Equipment for bears.
2-More elemental towers and/or weapons for that strategic tower def play.
3-different potions, ex-iron skin(deflects arrows)
4-Crafting System.
5-more block types to promote mining-ex-gold ores, silver ores, and such.
-You might be thinking that this might make the trader useless, but thats not true. The trader provides towers and such with no limit, where as looking for gold and such may take time and be rare.

1-All of the above.
2-Pause function (in case one player needs a potty break)
3-Save function.
4-More variety of characters to choose from, (preferably a custom skin thing)

More to come, others are allowed to post their own suggestions here. No troll posts, no useless posts, no nothing. Lets help the devs make this game even more awesome.
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