December 5, 2012, 12:51 pm - News
Hello all! I was very busy those last two months, and it's been a while has not had new features -- but it is over now! In the next days, I will be release the new web site and the new version 0.10.0 of build & defend. This new web site will be simpler to use, and it will include a chat and a set of video tutorials of how to play Build & Defend. The new version of the game includes a lot of new content and game play. Just to cite some of the new features: A minimap system, new monsters (jumper, healer, etc.), new items (iron, claw traps, etc.), a new boss and finally, the possibility to draw your own characters, and the addition of the Dungeon Mod! Spoiler: *The Dungeon Mod is a multiplayer Rogue like game where you will have to explore huge dungeons full of monsters and traps*

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