Change log 1.0.28
July 13, 2014, 12:00 am
[fixed] Can log with free account.
Change log 1.0.27
July 6, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Animation of "work in progress" workers' cursor.
[addition] Display a grid around the player you when you are build a building
[addition] Display selected worker's inventory on the side of the global job definition.
[addition] Display the current action/task of the worker over his head.
[addition] Killing a sheep gives x1 wool.
[addition] Sheep are automatically (but slowly) healing.
[addition] Split screen in the main menu when playing with more than one players in local.
[addition] Surface areas are hidden when your are underground.
[addition] The camera goes to the selected worker in the global job definition window.
[addition] You can define underground digging areas more easily.
[addition] Splitting of the digging areas into digging hole and digging wall areas.
[addition] You can turn the camera while defining an area
[modification] Centering flower seeds.
[modification] Explosives need less materials to be made.
[modification] Improvement of the catapult trajectory rendering.
[modification] Increase of the maximum number of sheep.
[modification] Increase of the solidity of the iron ore.
[modification] Lanterna are enable more easily (lower light threshold).
[modification] Sun cast hard and soft shadows
[modification] The bookkeeping shows much more types of objects.
[modification] The bookkeeping does not show objects you don't have any of.
[modification] You can only make explosive at the alchemy table.
[modification] You only shred one sheep at a time.
[fixed] "cut" of the terrain is right according to the cursor.
[fixed] Arrows goes to the right direction for PvP Clients
[fixed] Catapult running everywhere.
[fixed] Display of block in hand
[fixed] Freeze of the chat/game when loading a saved game.
[fixed] Human crafting recopies
[fixed] Infinite rotation of the camera.
[fixed] Player <-> menu when splitting the screen.
[fixed] Workers not willing to dig far away.
Change log 1.0.26
June 28, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Addition of the First person PvP mode
[addition] "Previous favorite" button.
[addition] Clouds in the sky
[addition] Gun bullets and arrow have 3% chance to do critical damages i.e. x3
[addition] Plasma gun (in the PvP mode)
[addition] Switching between first person and third person view in the menu
[addition] The mouse wheel can be used to switch between items (similarly to the "favorite" button)
[addition] You can open the option menu while playing.
[modification] Addition of sound when firing an arrow
[modification] Bookkeeping does not consider objects in chest any more.
[modification] Bow need to be "loaded" before to fire.
[modification] Enter does not open the chat if the player menu is opened
[modification] Flower sprite
[modification] Having a sword in the hand gives a small running speed boost.
[modification] Improvement of the 3D model for arrows.
[modification] Increase of the firing speed and firing rate of the bow.
[modification] New menu for the selection of mod
[modification] Players arrows are affected by gravity but not by the accuracy in the first person view.
[modification] Reduction of the size of the moon
[modification] Replay viewer - "cut" of the terrain to always see players.
[modification] Set file chooser in front when importing characters.
[fixed] Fences
[fixed] Replay viewer - pause when player talk open menu
[fixed] Selected object on the bottom bar.
[fixed] Selection of the piston in the lever's menu.
[fixed] Sound orientation for first person camera
[fixed] Sun and moon model
[fixed] The first person view is now playable.

Change log 1.0.25
April 19, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] New boss: the Ancestor.
[modification] Increase of the GUI size (fixed pixel size).
[fixed] Non-splited camera bug
Change log 1.0.24
April 7, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Confirmation when abandoning/disconnecting (from) a game.
[addition] Small view of the main public chat on the main menu.
[fixed] Fence door does not rotate badly when opened.
[fixed] Sheep and rabbits react normally to fences.
[fixed] You get a fence door when you deconstruct a closed fence door.
[modification] Cooker are better to use several furnaces at the same time.
[modification] Social panel now support mouse.
Change log 1.0.23
March 25, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Add sound to doors/pistons.
[addition] Cannot put lantern on a chest.
[addition] Fences and fence doors
[addition] If a worker has more than 10 wood blocks, 10 wheat or 10 seeds in his inventory, he will go to store it (event if there are work to do).
[addition] You can control fence doors with a lever.
[addition] You can craft fence/fences doors at the wood workshop.
[modification] Dungeon walls are smaller. Dungeon are smaller and there are only 3 levels (including the boss level).
[modification] Modification of the lots in the dungeon.
[modification] Workers don't go and eat at the shopkeeper's table.
[modification] You can stay 2s underwater before taking damages.
[fixed] Bug when workers store items.
[fixed] Label when fixing a turret.
[fixed] Worker will be more "clever" to get out of the water.
[fixed] Workers will plant pine seeds.
Change log 1.0.22
March 17, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Beds need to be in the dark to be used. You can see the amount of light they get in the bed information menu.
[addition] Display the type of seed when you go close to it.
[addition] Flower seed take time to grow (1mn).
[addition] Pine trees and pine seeds.
[addition] Planted seed will change appearance through their growth.
[addition] Workers will go and eat at a table. Doing so, they will eat faster than eating on the floor.
[addition] You can change your player in the lobby (solo and multi) with the left/right arrows.
[addition] You can extract mushroom seeds from mushrooms at the workshop.
[modification] Workers do not share beds or tables.
[fixed] Using sword do not hurt you any-more.
Change log 1.0.21
March 13, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Label over the worker's heads when they follow you..
[modification] Magic healing animation.
[modification] Large improvement of all the AIs (Mobs more reactive, dogs/workers can get out of the water, etc.) and the Path finding (less CPU consumption, no freezing during rain
[modification] Workers store sulfur.
[modification] A worker that fall in the water will try to go to the closest player.
[modification] Reduction of wheat water consumption.
[fixed] Online bug related to lava and gas.
Change log 1.0.20
March 5, 2014, 12:00 am
[fixed] You can build wood stair in the basic workshop.
[modification] Metal ore distribution.
Change log 1.0.19
March 3, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Carrots grow randomly.
[addition] Individual statistics for each worker.
[addition] Peaceful mode : The survival mode without zombies.
[addition] Rabbit will eat carrots on the floor and rest for a couple of seconds after that.
[addition] Special command "Follow me" for the workers.
[addition] Wheat will get water on top of it.
[addition] When feed, the workers will follows the player.
[addition] You can craft iron and gold shoes.
[addition] You can define large area by moving the cursor while keeping pressed the action button.
[addition] You can speed up/terminate the conversation with a NPC.
[addition] You can throw carrots and berries.
[addition] You have a bucket when you start the tutorial.
[modification] After being tamed, workers are not tired (even if they were in the wild for a long time).
[modification] Barrel take 3 seconds to be deployed.
[modification] Change of the color of iron ore.
[modification] Flambeaux are more powerful.
[modification] Fully grown wheat does not consume water
[modification] Improved French translations
[modification] Improvement of lighting for old computers.
[modification] Interacting with honey bowl have a menu.
[modification] Major modification of all the players menus (Menus should be easier and more intuitive to use).
[modification] Monster are 4x slower to dig through walls (except for the diggers)
[modification] Monsters will make longer detours before trying to dig through walls.
[modification] New map generator (different patterns, clusters of iron/gold/sulphur, etc.)
[modification] New split for the honey bowls.
[modification] New workers naturally appearing on the map (not from bosses or cages) are not fainted initially.
[modification] Price of the bucket increased to 5 coins.
[modification] The messages of the workers stay longer.
[modification] There are now 4 workshops: Basic, Metal crafting, Carpenter and Mechanic crafting. You can use yourself the basic workshop for some crafting.
[fixed] Centering of water in bucket.
[fixed] Health of turret is kept when de-constructed/constructed.
[fixed] Non fainted, non tamed workers are attached to honey in bowl from very far away.
[fixed] Sheep moving pattern
[fixed] Tar and turrets centering.
[fixed] Text on top of players head.
Change log 1.0.18
February 14, 2014, 12:00 am
[modification] Birds do not wake up monsters anymore.
[modification] Reduction of the damages and hp of the bees.
[modification] Removing monster spots in Tutorial and Building mode
[modification] Left/right arrows in the inventory menus.
[modification] Improvement of the tutorial text.
Change log 1.0.17
February 11, 2014, 12:00 am
[fixed] Crash when connecting to a game with a player having a pickaxe in hand.
Change log 1.0.16
February 10, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Addition of birds
[addition] Give pistons and lever in the building mode.
[fixed] Arrows flying at the infinite
[fixed] Character encoding in EXE version.
[fixed] Eating meat in the tutorial.
[fixed] Improvement of the lighting on liquids and gas blocks.
[modification] French translation.
[modification] Reduction of the price of pistons and lever
[modification] Restore old sun shadow on buildings.
[modification] You cannot have rain on the first day of the game.
Change log 1.0.15
January 27, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Black line between split screens (local muliplayer).
[addition] Camera rotation helper (8 possible angles)
[addition] Mechanical engine
[addition] Piston and levers.
[fixed] "ghosts" of Monsters when playing online.
[fixed] Light (sun and lanterns)
[fixed] Mushroom height.
[fixed] Random crash with the stair.
[modification] "Game in pause" is lower
[modification] Interaction in priority to closer entity
Change log 1.0.14
January 14, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Feelings of the player (bosses and dangerous places).
[addition] In case of game crash (B&D is still a beta), your game will be saved (so you can resume your game).
[fixed] Adjustment of the progress bar when the player is hurt.
[fixed] Apparition of the mask in the dungeon after loading a saved game.
[fixed] Building of a stair over a stair.
[fixed] Drowning achievement.
[fixed] Dungeon light.
[modification] 30% of dungeon door are made of wood.
[modification] Cannot break stone in dungeons.
[modification] Wheat can "drink" water bellow it.
Change log 1.0.13
January 11, 2014, 12:00 am
[addition] Worker will take the gold and iron of the bloomery to store it in a barrel.
[modification] Improvement of the collision system (you should not go through the floor anymore).
[addition] Feelings to find the bosses and the other world's entrances.
[modification] Most object/building will fall if you remove the block that support them.
[fixed] Illuminated block did not react correctly to the camera "cut"
[fixed] Hell bats don't attack bosses.
[fixed] Crash with the evil tree.
[fixed] Crash when loading game with a guard worker.
[fixed] Rabbits/sheep stuck in stairs/hills/
[fixed] Sheep can go up/down stairs when pushed.
[fixed] No gun/no potion achievement when loading a game
[fixed] Hell bats and meteorites when saving/loading games during bosses.
[fixed] Workers crafting too much items.
Change log 1.0.12
December 30, 2013, 12:00 am
[fixed] Debug loggin lock
Change log 1.0.11
December 30, 2013, 12:00 am
[modification] Non tamed workers will not look for food that is more than 15 blocks away.
[modification] Workers can eat barriers
[fixed] Skin of non tamed workers
[modification] Initial position of spectator the camera in multi player games.
[modification] Increase of the duration of the report text (little text on top of the workers head).
[addition] Rabbits will run after you if you hold a carrot in your hand.
Change log 1.0.10
December 28, 2013, 12:00 am
[addition] Achievements systems.
[addition] Addition of the cooked meat, raw meat and bread
[addition] Bookkeeper (Inventory + right arrow)
[addition] Cooker job for the workers (A cooker will cook "bread" and "cooked meat" in the bloomery).
[fixed] Favorite items.
[modification] Breaking dirt has 10% of giving a block of dirt.
[modification] Cannot quick stop the conversation with a PNJ.
[modification] Destruction of block animation.
[modification] Increase of the digging speed of workers.
[modification] Large reduction of the memory consumption (32bits VM can handle large(x4) maps now!!!)
[modification] Remove digging sound of worker.
[modification] Suppression of the meat.
[modification] Workers can eat cooked meat.
[modification] You or the workers cannot eat wheat anymore.
Change log 1.0.9
December 21, 2013, 12:00 am
[addition] Wheat needs water close in order to grow.
[addition] Infinite water source on the river.
[fixed] Workers sleeping correctly in beds.
[fixed] Workers not sharing bed.
[modification] Increase of the power of the mortar (a lot).
[modification] Workers react faster when they run out of ammo.
[modification] Reduction of the learning rate of workers during training.
[modification] Reduction of the damages of the untrained workers.
[modification] Increase of the damages of the untrained workers.
[modification] Recipe of the Bloomery has been changed to two stone blocks.
[fixed] Squads order are saved correctly.
[fixed] Potion indication.
Change log 1.0.8
December 15, 2013, 12:00 am
[addition] Animated of the flag on the main menu.
[addition] Blobs do not vibrate when sleeping.
[addition] Buckets to carry water.
[addition] Explosive monsters.
[addition] Gas monsters.
[addition] Gas.
[addition] Monsters will attack wood if they cannot reach you.
[addition] Raining.
[addition] Randomly placed towers and caves (with monsters and chests).
[addition] Save game image.
[addition] Rabbits.
[modification] Digging dirt does not give material anymore.
[modification] Gun cannot hit workers anymore.
[modification] Modification of the monster spawning (more random, with scenarios).
[modification] Monsters/bosses balance.
[modification] New fluid engine (water, lava and gas).
[modification] Placement of the shop keeper cave.
[modification] Sleeping monsters do not appear through walls.
[modification] Two different textures for stone walls and raw stone.
[modification] When you wake up a sleeping monster, it immedialty chases you.
[fixed] Bug when saving game while worker is building.
[fixed] Menu display.
[fixed] Rip text display.
[fixed] Shadows during night and in dungeons.
[fixed] Workers really use material when they build.
Change log 1.0.7
November 3, 2013, 12:00 am
Improvement of the tutorial (+fixing some bug).
Improvement of the inventory menus.
Splitting of the Interaction/Interaction into two separate buttons.
Addition of the description of items in the inventory.
All objects (except blocs) stay forever on the ground.
Bosses release workers when they die.
Workers will talk when you meet them first.
Every day, there is 35% chance for a new sheep to come.
Players can craft simples items them self (without worker or workshop).
You can craft wood sticks and stairs from wood blocks.
You do not have stone stair when you start the game anymore.
Increase of the duration of day and night to 5m.
You can craft bow and arrow at the workshop.
Players are "@" in the minimap.
If one of your workers sees an enemy, this enemy will approach on the minimap.
Addition of the caravans (30% chance each day, except for first day after bosses).
Workers and Elfs can wear cloths (for example, if you give them some shoes, they will wear them)
Reduction of the price of the workshop to 5 coins.
Fixing: Monsters appearing in water.
Fixing: camera being stuck in replays.
Change log 1.0.6
October 12, 2013, 12:00 am
Lobby in solo games
Split screen for multiplayer on the same computer
Fixing tutorial bug
Fixing lantern bug in multiplayer
Fixing safe zone of workers
Change log 1.0.5
September 29, 2013, 12:00 am
Auto backup system for the building mode.
You can see the object on top of your head you change object.
You can lift up your partners over wall or to get them out of water.
Major improvement of the lighting system.
Increase of the duration of the potions effects (speed potion, shield potion and under water potion).
The potions of speed require the fabric shoes instead of the iron shoes.
The potions of shield require the wood armor instead of the iron armor.
The shopkeeper does not sell anymore : blocs (except for stone stairs), Iron wrench, meat, leash, whistle, armors.
You can make at the workshop: Iron wrench, whistle.
Fixing of sheep mating.
Help menu for the alchemy.
Dynamite is renamed to explosive.
Explosives can break blocs.
Explosives is not infinite anymore.
Explosives emits lights.
Cannon balls can trigger explosives (and vise-versa)
New type of bloc : Sulfur
Explosives can be made with sulfur + sand + rope at the Alchemist lab.
Fixing wheat interaction to light of lantern.
Direct sun light casts hard shadows.
Indirect sun light casts soft shadows.
New lava animation.
Lava burns grass.
Details about the recipes available in the workshop.
Increase explosive (old dynamite) timer
Increase of the explosive maximum throw rate.
New animation for the explosion of the explosive.
Only the mobs and the projectiles can be seen through walls.
You do not see in semi-transparent the upper levels anymore.
Change log 1.0.4
September 9, 2013, 12:00 am
You can now define admins and give them rights.
Small modification of the menus.
Update of Lwjgl (B&D should work better on MacOS now).
Fixing big mobs (like bosses) spawning in water or lava.
Fixing hell.
Change of the color of the monster generator in hell.
Putting a lantern at the hell entrance.
Monsters make foot noise in hell.
Turrets emit smoke.
Change log 1.0.3
September 8, 2013, 12:00 am
When no storage point is defined, the workers are storing the good in any available barrels.
Fixed: Worker will store wheat in "store wheat" areas.
The turrets do not fire at the non tamed workers anymore.
Improvement of the in-game chat.
The sword cannot cut berry trees or flower anymore.
Multiplayer messages about player connecting/spawning/dying.
Addition of admin commands to (give, kick, ban)
You can save/load your multi player games.
Change log 1.0.2
September 1, 2013, 12:00 am
Fixing sword display in multiplayer.
Improvement of the AI of the diggers (no more lag at day 13).
Change log 1.0.1
September 1, 2013, 12:00 am
Addition of the "squad" system for the soldiers.
The game pause when you open your inventory (optional, single player only).
Improvement of the AI of workers.
The workers instantly react to change of job/order (if they want to).
Fixing path-finding bugs (for workers and monsters).
Remove bubble over workers.
Animation of the areas when defining new areas.
Addition of icons in the player task menu.
New tutorial slide (showing the controls).
Fixing bugs related to new terrain engine for the unit tester mode.
Fixing catapult trajectory display.
Most monsters do not stack in top of each other anymore (introduction of repulsion between monsters).
Addition of the carrots (eating material).
Workers have items in their hands when they do actions.
You start with a wood sword and 4 gold coins (instead of 12 gold coins).
Addition of the wood sword.
Increase of the range of the swords.
Improvement of visual effects of the swords.
You cannot hit your team with the sword anymore.
Increase of the damages of the words when loading with energy (x2).
Change of the music of bosses.
Fixing blinking of shopkeeper at the beginning of multiplayer games.
Put back the chat behind the inventory.
Fix sheep being stupid when able to reproduce.
Change log 1.0.0
August 6, 2013, 12:00 am
Selection of the map size (x1, x4 or x16).
New terrain engine.
Optimization of the liquds (water and lava).
Fixing of some water bugs.
LAN game detection (UDP broadcast).
You can now apply potions on workers and elfs.
Workers and elfs do not die immedialty when hurt. Once on the ground, you have 3mn to save them by appling a healing potion on them.
Show of the number of tab in the player menus.
You can find stone in the ground.
Increase of the duration of run away of the workers (when a worker is hit).
Displaying remaining hit points of targets.
Display of the "downloading map" when connection to a remote server.

Change log 0.10.11
July 15, 2013, 12:00 am
Addition of the alchemistry.
Addition of several new potions.
Addition of the music instrument
Addition of the elves.
Addition of a new boss.
General improvement of the AI.
Improvement of the meat throw for the dog.
Improvement of the path finding when water/lava levels are changing.
Improvement of the walk of the PNJs.
Fixing: Operation between player and some mobs (Dog, fire tower, poison tower).
Change of the color of blinking (when hit, when appearing)
Fixing: Ambient light in dungeons.
Finding more meat in the dungeons chests.
Addiction of markers in front of wood doors in dungeons.
Fixing: Display of monster's health in dungeons.
Lanterns are shut down during day.
Fixing: Crash with Live potion in multiplayer games.
Fixing: The orientation of the arrows.
Graves stay longer before disappearing (4mn).
Change log 0.10.10
May 17, 2013, 12:00 am
Fixing the weat growing too fast.
Fixing of the non-reversible zoom.
Fixing of the workers beeing hit by the turrets.
Change log 0.10.9
May 6, 2013, 12:00 am
Fixing of the workers eating.
Fixing of the updater.
Change log 0.10.8
April 28, 2013, 12:00 am
Addition of the bees, beehive and honey.
Bees are joining beehive with flowers around.
--> If you/some monster attack a bee/a hive, the bees will attack you/the monster.
Addition of the bowl to store liquid
--> If you put some honey in a bow, it will attract the untamed workers.
Reduction of the number of wheat seed given by a wheat field (5 --> 4)
Sorting of saved game and saved replays.
Warping of the chat in the lobby.
Addition of a bubble on top of the player's head when he/she speaks.
Small increment of the delay before meteors and hell bats attack you.
Decrease of the damages of hell bats.
The chat is now in front of the player menu.
Close chat when you press the ESCAPE button.
Workers can craft gold armors, iron swords and gold swords.
Workers will store stone.
Fixing: bug when digging under a worker.
You can see workers are digging.
Fixing: You can throw meat again.
Fixed: Workers half sleeping when removing their bed.
Fixed: Use of the joystick in online game.
The dog is less stupid.
Various optimizations (the game should be a bit faster).
Fixing: Random crash of the game when joining as a spectator.
Fixing: Crash with the skeletons in multi players games.
Addition of the Take 10/Put 10 action in the conteners (chest, barrel, etc.).
You can deconstruct workshops.
There is a shopkeeper in the building mode.
You start with some money in the building mode.
You can craft "sheep in a cage"/"sheep in a cage"/"zombies attractors".
You can define large areas by keeping pressed the actions button when you define an area.
Fixing the wrong position offset in the job definition menu.
Display of the job title in the job definition menu.
Add shadow to arrows.
Addition of the targets.
Workers will train to fight with the targets (if with the guard job, and it there are no monsters -- The workers will win 1xp every 8 arrows).
Addition of the mushrooms. They will be very important in the next release with the introduction of the alchemistry.
Fire can be transmitted between mobs (players/monsters/wheat/etc.).
Addition of the "first person" point of view. This feature is still experimental. You can switch between the usual view and the first person view by typing "/firstperson" in the chat. You need to define the control of the first person view in the options menu of the game.
Change log 0.10.7
January 17, 2013, 12:00 am
Fixing priority in path finding.
Fixing the problem with glass blocks.
New system to find the best location of the camera when several players are on the screen.
Stronger blur on the main screen.
Fixing of the bug with the Mask (boss) in multiplayer games.
Bats are flying continusly.
Fixing some bugs with the workers beeing blocked.
Workers need to eat more than players.
There is +50% untammed workers
Change log 0.10.6
January 3, 2013, 12:00 am
Fixing random crash when defining areas in multi player games
Fixing random crash when joining demo multi player games
Workers need to sleep. They will have a better sleep if they are in a bed.
Addition of the tables.
Fixed delay before traps get visible in multiplayer game
Addition of the in-game encyclopedia.
Update of the encyclopedia on the website.
Change log 0.10.5
December 30, 2012, 12:00 am
Skeletons don't try anymore to kill the sheep or wheat.
Workers takes material when they dig.
Workers can build blocks.
Display of icon when defining areas.
Huge improvement of speed of the path finding algorithm and water simulation algorithm.
Multithreading of the path finding.
Change of the display of workers status.
Increase of the maximum number of monsters by waves (from 80 to 120 -- this will continue to increase in the future).
Fixing of the crash bug them too much towers are active at the same time.
Fixing: Workers not sawing wheat if too much of them.
Fixing of the monsters zigzagging.
Fixing sound of the catapult shot and mortar (it has not fading with distance).
Modification of the see through.
Increase of camera speed.
Reduction of the effect of tar.
Workers can craft lanterns.
Addition of the gold (as a raw material that you can find in the ground).
You can see the iron/gold ore on the ground blocks.
You can make glass with sand at the bloomery.
The price of some of the goods changes with the number of buy/sells.
Breaking glass won’t give glass material anymore.
You can make beds (It will be used in future version for workers to rest).
You can get flower seeds from flowers.

Change log 0.10.4
December 19, 2012, 12:00 am
Fixing of the skin importer (it was not working with some files).
Addition of the Speed Ant in the Survival mod.
Addition of the fading effect when entering a new area.
Addition of the Dungeon in the Survival mod.
Fixing of the lights when entering a new area in multi-players.
The builder workers will search for something else to do if there is nothing to build or dig.
The camera follows the cursor when defining areas and positions.
Workers will not try anymore to work on the same thing at the same time at the same time.
Fixing of the stucked message about workers.
Fixing the sound of monster when they get hit.
Change log 0.10.3
December 16, 2012, 12:00 am
Addition of the Unit tester mod.
Fixing of the slow clock not reseting at night.
Fixing of the shadow of the catapult shots and bats.
Addition of the Mortar (the only tower that deal radius damages -- very usefull against groups of monsters).
Addition of the Speed Ant (new type of monster).
Addition of the berries and berry trees.
Improvment of the sound when there are a lot of mobs on the screen.
You can tell the workers to dig.
You can't sell anymore the wood armor (you can still sell the other ones).
You can build iron armors.
You can see the current actions of te workes next to their names.
Change log 0.10.2
December 9, 2012, 12:00 am
Fix of the bug when leaving the dungeon after saving/loading the game.
Remove of all the meteorites and kill all the hell bats when you will a Boss.
Addition of Mr.Ghost at the entrance of hell.
Fix of the scorpion sprite.
Monsters generations in hell are producing ligth.
Adjustement of the height of the wall around the world

Change log 0.10.1
December 9, 2012, 12:00 am
Fix of a bug when buying to the shoppkeeper.
Change log 0.10.0
December 8, 2012, 12:00 am
The jumpers (new mob)
The dungeons (new mod -- test version)
The healers (new mob)
The Mask (new boss)
Change of the size of the towers
World shaking when killing a boss
The mouse cursor fade away when not used
Addition of the claw traps (building in the work shop)
Addition of the iron and iron ore
Addition of the bloomery (building)
Addition of the reload trap job for workers
Addition of the minimap

Improvment of the vision cone during the night
Put the lanterna in hand when taken from the ground
The catapul now need iron to be build

Feeding of the worker in the tutorial
Change log 0.9.0
September 7, 2012, 12:00 am
- You can disable shaders (advances graphic effects).
- You don't hear the sound of the menu of other players.
- If a sound is emitted from far away, it will have a lower gain.
- New type of map: Cliffs.
- Addition of the sheep.
- Addition of the catapult.
- Addition of the crafting system.
- Addition of the "Take all" in the chest/barrels/catapults.
- Addition of the escape keyboard key to navigate in the menus.
- You can see archers and arrows through walls.
- New system to see through walls.
- Press the "View button" to display the half top of the world in transparent.
- Display of "Low heal" when your heal is low.
- Addition of "Eat several" action.
- Addition of the wood stick to control the sheep (hit the sheep with the stick to make them go where you want).
- Increase of the day/night duration.
- Set the selling tax to 30% (it was 10% before)
- Control of the navigation in the menu with the player controls
- Addition of a sound when walking in the tar
- Improvement of the network protocol (it should be less laggy when there are a lot a objects)
- Workers have more heal
- Addition of the Hell bats (Very dangerous bats that appears when a boss is alive for too long)
- Addition of the Sheep generator in the building mode
- Addition of the Worker generator in the building mode
- Addition of the Zombie Attractor in the building mode
- New Option to the server command line
--port [port number]
--servername [server name]
- Small modification of the online game browser
- Addition of new characters: Gus, Naked Gus and Lea
- Addition of the selection of the player the first time you start the game
- The dedicated server can talk/execute commands
- You can pick the items from your past life at your grave
- The price of the resurrection potion increases when you buy them
- You can't bring the camera under the bottom of the map
- You can apply filter to the scores in the ranking web page
- Fixed: Save of the sound effect volume.
- Fixed: "Lock time" when restarting a game.
- Fixed: Blobs (slims) at first night when restarting a game.
- Fixed: random bug with the job definition windows
- Fixed: Glass transparency
- Fixed: Movement of archers
- Fixed: You don't get the initial set of items when you are resurrected
Change log 0.8.6
September 7, 2012, 12:00 am
Tutorial in French
Fixing: Hard mode in other languages than english
Fixing: Submission of stories
Change log 0.8.5
August 12, 2012, 12:00 am
Fixed: You can't anymore get several characters by flooding the "Join button"
Fixed: Crash when going back to hell where saving after the portal apparition.
Increase of the GUI of menus
Support of the accents characters in the chat
You can see the privates messages you sent
You can return to the lobby when everybody is dead (multi player)
Fixing: The path finding should be good now
Tutorial for new players
Addition of the difficulty selection
In hard difficulty, guns does 33% less damages, monsters are 33% for powerfull and it is always night (except for the first days of cycles).
Addition of the map type selection
Change log 0.8.4
August 10, 2012, 12:00 am
Translation of the website
Translation of the game in French
Meteors when bosses are alive for too long
Workers are not afraid anymore by player
All the monsters become in fire by day
Improvement of monsters path finding
Fixing a crashing bug when the dog was stuck.
Change log 0.8.3
August 10, 2012, 12:00 am
The errors are printed in the file %userpath%/.buildanddefend/console.log
The time stop when all the players are dead.
You can keep pressed a key to automatic repetition of the key (for chat and menu)
Fixed: When somebody die in hell, the other players can still come back to the normal world
You can control le camera when you are dead
Fixed: Illegal character in save file name.
Fixed: Trees' head don't go anymore though walls
The name of players are displayed over their heads when the inventory is open
Fixed: The "teleportation" of the player when using shoes in multiplayer games
You cannot anymore join a survival mode that has already started
Gold dropped by monsters is automatically redistributed among the players
Fixed: Problem of submitting stories of several players
Meteorites appears if bosses are alive for too long.
Replace "Quit game" by "Abandon game" in the in-game menu
Addition of a rain a meteors when a boss is alive for a too long time
Modification of the monster (player character) model
Addition of a new character (Linh)
Addition of the tar (it slows the enemies)
Change log 0.6.5
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Your dog disapear when you disconncet a server (multi player)
Teleporter to return to normal world fixed

Change log 0.6.4
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Bug "shadow on the water" fixed
Decrease of the damage of water (for real this time)
Save of the character
Change of some textures
Compatibility with the point of view of controllers
New resolutions
When a tree is chopped, it may sometime drop a seed
New in-game chat.
Bug "firing and cutting at the same time" fixed
shadow on the water
decrease of teh damage of water (for real this time)
save of the character
change of some textures
boutons PointOfView sur Joys
better resolution configuration
trees drop seeds
can sell again

Change log 0.7.0
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
The little "Workers"
Small changes in the behavior of the Mother Blob
Color indicate what you can/can't buy
No more tree seed at the beginning
You can resurrect your friends in coop game.
Introduction of the "Devel Survival" with the ability for the player to jump

Change log 0.7.2
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Reduction of the regeneration of the dog's heal
Small increase of the lost of heal in water
Lagging when too much enemies solves
Decrease of the bosses' power
Decrease of the height of jumping
Add of a small text when you buy an object
Addition of a small delay when chopping a tree / harvesting wheat.
B1/B2/B3 have become Use/Action/View
Addition of the Favorite button (see more at
Save of devel status

Change log 0.8.0
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Command line for server without GUI
java -jar jar/buildanddefend_standalone_obfuscated.jar [options]

--server {survival|building}
--port [port number]
--user [username]
--pass [password]

java -jar jar/buildanddefend_standalone_obfuscated.jar --server building --user abc --pass def

Disable the fullscreen in brower mode
Wooden stairs --> stone stairs
Reduce the power of guns
Reduce the amount of gold that the monsters are dropping after a certain amount of day
Reduce the speed's increase of the heal of the monsters
Increase the number of monsters.
Fixed: Blinking of high lever monsters
Improvement of monsters motion
Optimization of water render
Introduction of random world generation
Addition of a new character: Quote from Cave Story (thanks to Azebu for drawing it).
Fixing of website score sum/max consistency
No crash when unbuilding a adamantium turret.
Addition of the story submition system.
Fixed: collision of the bullets with stairs
The tax when re-selling an object is now 10% (it was 30%).

Change log 0.8.1
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Update of to LWJGL 2.8.4
Type "/showfps" in the chat to show fps
Loading screen
Fixed: Dog goes into water
.exe version available
Fixed: Top world limit

Change log 0.8.2
August 3, 2012, 12:00 am
Fixing of stories in hell
Display of "I am hungry" when, you are hungry
New global interface to see/define the jobs of the workers