List of tips

This section presents a list of tips that will help you to survive in Build & Defense. This section will be completed as new features are added to the game. For more information you can also read the Wiki where you'll find detailled stats for all items and mobs in the game.

  1. First thing to know : The night is approaching (fast), so get prepared.
  2. Build blocks in order to build a safe fortress.
  3. Press to use your selected item.
  4. Press to open your inventory and select/equip/eat/drop items.
  5. Press + left/right to move the camera.
  6. Buy blocks from the shopkeeper (Press to talk to him).
  7. Get blocks by cutting the trees (Press in front of a tree).
  8. Buy turrets from the shopkeeper .
  9. Assemble turrets on the ground (they will provide you a good protection).
  10. De-assemble turrets and re-assemble them on another spot.
  11. The more expensive the turret , the more powerful and faster it is and the better range it has.
  12. The first turret (wood turret) is very cheap and very crapy.
  13. Kill monsters to get coins .
  14. Try to always have a piece of stair in your inventory. You will need it if you fall in a pit.
  15. Some monsters will burn by day . If so, they won't drop gold.
  16. The time is locked during confrontation with the bosses (time locked).
  17. Use heal potions to recover PV.
  18. Eat meat and wheat to reduce hunger.
  19. If you are too hungry, you will lose PV.
  20. Plan and harvest wheat to get food.
  21. Plan and harvest trees to get construction material.
  22. Get blocks by digging the ground (with the pickaxe )
  23. Use the first magic clock to acceletate time until it is night (only work during day).
  24. Use the second magic clock to slow time until it is night (only work during day).
  25. You can ask the shopkeeper to move (To talk to him , press left, and select "move").
  26. Buy an armor to reduce the damage gained by monsters.
  27. Buy a pair of shoes to increase your speed.
  28. Be careful with your dynamite , it can kill you.
  29. Always have a gun with you.
  30. Your dog loves when you throw pieces of meat .
  31. Be careful with your mines , they can kill you.
  32. Use the whistle to call your dog.
  33. Your dog will get gold coins for you.
  34. Some monsters are poisonous, be extremly careful.
  35. If you see something for the first time, it is probably deadly.
  36. How to use the workers:
    Once a worker is tamed (he has a hood), he will do what you tell him to do. Go talk to him to set his jobs and the "areas/zones" where he should work. The more a worker does a job, the better he will do it (see the level of the job). The jobs are:
    1. The Soldier (The worker follows you and will fight against monsters).
    2. The Farmer (The worker will "saw wheat", "harvest wheat" and put the harvested wheat in the barrel you defined in the "store food" zones).
    3. The Guard (The worker will patrol in the "patrol" zones).
    4. The Woodcutter (The worker will cut trees).
    5. The Tree planter (The worker will plant new trees).
    6. The Mover (does nothing yet).
    You can also see his job with the icons on top of their head. The order of priority for the jobs are Soldier > Farmer > Tree planter > Woodcutter > Guard.