June 28, 2014, 10:35 pm - New release
[addition] Addition of the First person PvP mode
[addition] "Previous favorite" button.
[addition] Clouds in the sky
[addition] Gun bullets and arrow have 3% chance to do critical damages i.e. x3
[addition] Plasma gun (in the PvP mode)
[addition] Switching between first person and third person view in the menu
[addition] The mouse wheel can be used to switch between items (similarly to the "favorite" button)
[addition] You can open the option menu while playing.
[modification] Addition of sound when firing an arrow
[modification] Bookkeeping does not consider objects in chest any more.
[modification] Bow need to be "loaded" before to fire.
[modification] Enter does not open the chat if the player menu is opened
[modification] Flower sprite
[modification] Having a sword in the hand gives a small running speed boost.
[modification] Improvement of the 3D model for arrows.
[modification] Increase of the firing speed and firing rate of the bow.
[modification] New menu for the selection of mod
[modification] Players arrows are affected by gravity but not by the accuracy in the first person view.
[modification] Reduction of the size of the moon
[modification] Replay viewer - "cut" of the terrain to always see players.
[modification] Set file chooser in front when importing characters.
[fixed] Fences
[fixed] Replay viewer - pause when player talk open menu
[fixed] Selected object on the bottom bar.
[fixed] Selection of the piston in the lever's menu.
[fixed] Sound orientation for first person camera
[fixed] Sun and moon model
[fixed] The first person view is now playable.

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