Bug report : Shop disappeared
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July 11, 2012, 4:55 pm
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while fighting against the second boss (the worm), the shopkeeper disappeared after the worm crossed him, now I have a safed game without a shopkeeper and so without a way to buy new weapons and tools.

Another thing:
The first thing I do after I start your game is muting the ingame sound but every time I restart it it's unmuted again, it would be nice if the game remembers that. And is there a way to get a new pet if your previous one has died?

Greetings biro

July 11, 2012, 4:59 pm
Posts: 92
Before I forget it, the game has some strange ram needs it takes up to 1.4 GB RAM, I hope that is NOT normal^^

Greetings biro

P.S. Nice game so far
July 11, 2012, 8:06 pm
Posts: 346

Happy to head that you enjoy the game.
Since the release Alpha 6, the shopkeeper can die. Monsters will not attack him but he can be hurt by lava for example (but you already know that). In order to prevent such thing, you should ask him to move in a safe place (Tip n°25 of
Therefore, I am sorry, but you are kind of dead in this game.

I will check what is happening for the sound problem.

For the pet, there is currently no way to get a new one. In one of the next releases, I will add the "leash" (it is actually already in the game, but there is still some problems with, so I disabled it).
It will help you to keep your pet alive.

The game is suppose to use less than 300Mo. And you are right, there is actually some kind of "memory leak" (which is kind of strange with java). Anyway, I am on it.

Thanks a lot for the bug reports.
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