Suggestions & Ideas : First Impressions
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December 11, 2012, 7:11 am
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Hello. So, I played the game in demo mode for a bit, and ended up buying it. I like what you've got going a lot - top-down pixel art action gameplay mixed with some voxel digging and building, along with some tower-defense and RTS elements. Really interesting idea. Here's my suggestions / notes:

> The ability to jump in free mode might be nice (not a dealbreaker, but it was kind of noticeable that it was missing). EDIT: I see that it's an in-development feature, but it would still be nice.

> The ability to swim in water would probably be a good idea ,especially in Free mode since you can't jump out.

> It would be nice if the camera kept the player centered in single-player mode. I'm not sure how the game handles Multi-player, but in Single-player, there's not really any need to give the player 'wiggle-room'.

> I think you should add Next and Previous Item buttons (which would kind of make the Favorite button unnecessary).

> There are some typos throughout the Tutorial (minor, but still worth noting).

> [BUG] While playing Dev Mode, the game dropped to an exceptionally low FPS. I'm not sure why, but I was taking a long time to defeat the boss. It was playing a loud sound, like something was attacking, but I didn't notice anything but the Mother Slime.

> [BUG] The Mother Slime boss was floating above the ground by around a half a voxel unit to one full unit.

> It might be a good idea to mark the boss on the map and show the "Hurry to defeat the boss" sign faster. I didn't know it wouldn't come to me until the sign appeared, and by then, it was too late to start fighting.

> [BUG (I'm sure you know about it)] The music doesn't loop smoothly.

> At the bottom, it would be nice to display the name of the currently-equipped item and the amount, rather than just the icon.

> Having different items might be better than just having 'tiers' (i.e. Wood Turret, Bronze Turret, Silver Turret, Gold Turret). Some stats, and an extended description of each item would probably be nice. It might also be a good idea to both have the ability to upgrade each turret, as well as have different turrets that are all in the same 'tier', rather than turrets that are definitively better or worse than others.

For example, if you can buy gold items, then you will, 100% of the time. Rather than having simple 'advanced' versions of each item, you can make several items that do different things. For example, an Electric Turret that shoots electric bolts that spread to nearby enemies, as well as a Grenade Turret that fires slow, powerful explosive rounds. This way, some turrets wouldn't be useful all of the time (like an Electric Turret on electric enemies, or the Grenade Turret on a fire-based enemy), and the player can have favorites, as well as choose the right item or weapon for the right time. The same principle could be applied to items and weapons that you wield.

> It might be a good idea to add ammo for guns.

> The maps could use more hills and valleys - they're kind of flat currently.

> I think it would be a really good idea to make the axe a tool like the pick-axe, and allow the player to defend himself with them, or give the player a basic weapon (like a rusty sword or stick). That way, you're never without any means of defense.

> I think the Inventory / Menu button should be different from the Action button.

> [BUG] The player will keep moving in the direction you hold down if you shift the view at the same time. As an example, hold a direction like left or right, then hold the view button to rotate the camera around, and then let go of the view button and direction button. If you rotated the view more than 45 degrees, then the game will be looking for another key to be released to make the player stop moving.

> [BUG?] Sometimes, when you press two directions on a joystick and let them go, one of them will stick, moving your character in a fixed direction. I'm not sure if this is a duplicate of the above bug.

> You should add the main menu button (default ESC) to the keybindings.

> Holding a key to move the cursor down always makes a sound, even if the cursor can't move anymore (i.e. if it's at the bottom entry in the menu).

> A Twitter account might help you to put the game out there more.

> I think there should be ceiling tiles on top of the walls in Rogue mode.

> The pixel art could be improved.

> You might be able to get more players and more publicity if you publish it in several places, like on Desura.

So far, it's interesting and fairly unique, which is good. Keep up development!
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