General discussions : Awesome game, mindblowing potential!
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July 24, 2013, 10:20 am
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After completing the tutorial in the free version, Build & Defend was an instant buy for me. Anyone who has enjoyed minecraft, terraria and/or any of the many tower defense games out there will love this and it clearly has the potential to rival them all in fun, replay-ability and sales.
The only big shock is how it's popularity has not yet exploded, but it is going to and very soon.
A couple of simple things are needed desperately in my opinion:

An Announcements section on the forum. Oh my! Why does this not exist? Information on development and progress just once per week to keep people reading and coming back. Facebook, tumblr and steam have very little information on them also. Keeping people informed on current and future updates will no doubt boost the games popularity.

A real wiki page. Clearly the game has tonnes of content to come and current content could be described so much better.

Advertising. Build & Defend needs more advertising it is clearly one of those games that will spread like wildfire with little effort.

To developer/s Of Build & Defend, not only have you created something that people will enjoy for a very very long time. But you have created a game that will no doubt have you set for life. Don't give up on your vision and creativity and keep the updates flowing.

This is going to be massive!
July 30, 2013, 1:37 am
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I think the same my friend. Just bought it because of this, this game has so much potential and I'm sure it will not be only about a small area, where you have to build towers and survive nights. It can be much greater than this! It's so beautiful and cute too xD. For sure they need to work with advertisement, it was hard to find this game. It reminds me of Haven & hearth
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