Bug report : mobs "Break" when the stairs to a floating base are removed.
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November 25, 2013, 1:42 pm
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Basically, i had a floating base and cut off It's stairs, and monsters for the most part "broke"

They barely moved anymore, and it started lagging the game a bit as well, even though i was still on the ground, they didn't seem interested in my character until i actually attacked them.

Not sure if this is intended, but it makes the entire game very very easy, as such my #1 ranking at night 61 can't be considered "legitimate" right now.

This method was used for about 4-5 nights before i returned my stairway and monsters fixed themselves.

Edit: Should mention my workers/wheat/trees where still up in the floating base, so the issue might be the monsters losing their pathing to them.
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