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January 6, 2014, 5:13 pm
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Hi, My name is Théo and my pseudo is LunaTime.
I'm from Belgium and I'm seventeen. I prefer to speak french but Achoum seems to prefer the English :P
I started to play Build&Defend the 30th of December. I heard about this game on the site Game Sphere.
My favourite games are "Final Fantasy Tactics","Warcraft III","Minecraft" and "Pokemon" but I like many other games sandbox, tactics or tower defense.
My favourite music style is the rock alternative but I like dubstep too.

My goal(s) is/are to reach the top ten, to play with new players on the multi and to improve that game which has lot of potential.

Now it's your turn to introduce yourself, be free to say as you want on your life ;)

#Make this forum alive!

#Edit: <3 Superjewew
January 8, 2014, 3:44 am
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Hi guys, me name is Norman and me pseudo is Superjewew. I'm from Indonesia, and gonna be 23 this year (yeay!).
I played B&D for a while, couldn't really remember when I started it, 2 around October i guess. I know it from cooptimus, when i was searching for nice coop game to be played with my friends.
Favorite game.. Battlefield 2, had a lot of fun playing that, even though we're barely have time for LAN party now, :D

My goal is to help growing this game so it can reach more and more people, and play multiplayer with them, oh, and playing multi with 12 players is seems fun to me as well, :P

@Lunatime I copy your introduction :D
January 9, 2014, 3:20 pm
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Hello, My name is Kenneth and my pseudo is Kenneth2k.
I'm from Norway and I'm 19.
I started B&D last year, around November i guess.
Guess i found this game by searching some game with build and defend.
My favorite game are "CoD MW2", "Final Fantasy X"...
Favorit music... i just listen to radio, too much work to search for the perfect music.

Goal was to reach top 10, but i'm on Top 10. For now is well looking for some1 to play with B&D.

- Ken.
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