[Automatic] News comments : Change log Build & Defend 1.0.13
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January 11, 2014, 11:55 pm
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Thanks for the update. Really like the workers picking up metal bars from the bloomery.

I noticed that the lanterns no longer illuminate the area at night time. Is that happening to anyone else?

UPDATE1: I also noticed that gold coins no longer gets attracted to you when you are close to them.

UPDATE2: After playing for about 4 hours, I've noticed that there is a bug where when you select wooden stairs it would freeze the game. It seems to be intermittent.

UPDATE3: Added screenshot of lantern bug. Not able to do dungeons. (
Some more things that I noticed.
- Items do not fall to the ground, they float. (coins, blocks, etc.)
- Iron ore takes one hit to mine

I'm running on Linux Mint 15 - OpenJDK 1.07 x64.

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