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August 1, 2012, 9:07 am
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First I want to say congrats on getting this far. It's like a 3D version of Terraria, and I hope this becomes as complex and interesting as that game did before the developer(s) quit.

However, I must confess that upon playing the free version, I can barely make out the control scheme. Half of the time I don't know what key to press to do something as trivial as selecting an item from my inventory. It's not helped by the fact the screen that allows me to select my controls doesn't actually match the labels of the actions the keys do.

An example of this: my two buttons are bound to E and F. I press E to open my inventory, I then have to press F to select the item, and press F again to have the item equipped (which already feels odd: 'E' is 'Action', so I expect to press E here, not F again).

So now I expect the 'F' key to do stuff, and the 'E' key to open my inventory. Well, that's not the case: when I go to harvest, I again have to press E to do so. So then I'm thinking to press E whenever I have to do some action... and all the sudden I need to place a turret. Well I can't do that with E, I have to use F. It bounces around, never staying in line with my expectations as a user. What's worse is the helper text says e.g. "Action" instead of the key I need to press to do that action.

My suggestion would be to simply have a button dedicated to the inventory, a button for confirmation/action and a button for declining/cancelling an action, but however you go about it, I really do hope this gets fixed - this bug makes the game a complete non-starter for me, as half the time I can't figure out what I'm doing.
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