January 25, 2014, 5:56 pm - News

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Hello everybody,

As you may have noticed, the web site of B&D had some changes. But, do not worry, everything is still here (forum, achievement, etc.). The new releases are now on the right side, and the center column is reserved for articles and posts.

For the first post, I will show you what I am currenlty working on: The pistons. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some gifs showing how pistons work :)

Pistons will be pretty useful to gather water, make doors, to make draw-bridges, or to make deadly crunching traps.

Pistons are simple oriented blocks that are able to push other blocks, fluids and entities (like the players or the monsters). Pistons can also be "attached" to blocks, so when they retract, they drag the blocks. More than one block can be attached, and not neceserally in strait lines. Pistons can also crunch or push some of the enemies. Obviously, bosses cannot be moved by pistons. Piston can also be broken is the shaft if torn off.

On the figure bellow, you can see a picture presenting how they work. This is still a preliminary work and their final behaviour may differ slightly. In a few words, the "order of construction "(building the piston before or after the adjacent blocks) will define if they are attached or not to these blocks.

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That is all for this first new. We hope you enjoy the new web site, and we hope you will soon enjoy the pistons!

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