How to draw your own character

To draw your own character, you need to:

  • Download the template picture:

    character template

  • Draw your character in this template.

    If you don't have any drawing tool, I recommand you to use Paint.Net. It is a nice, simple and free drawing software.
    Your picture need to respect some criterion:

    • The picture should be a 126x176 pixels picture.
    • The picture is defined by a grid. In this grid, each line define the direction of the character and each column define a sprite of the animation (look at the example for better understanding).
    • In this grid, the first cell of each line is the "stand still" sprit. The 6 remaining cells are the sprit for the walk.
    • In each cell, at least 20% of the pixel should be opaque (alpha channel equal to 255)

    By the end, the picture show look like that:

    example of custom skin
  • Erase the red borders of the template. By the end, the picture show look like that:

    final example of skin

  • Save the picture as a png file with the 32-bit RGBA colors format.
  • Import the file in the game (Option/Players/Player 1,2,3 or 4/Import character/Select a file).