July 6, 2014, 9:25 pm - New release
[addition] Animation of "work in progress" workers' cursor.
[addition] Display a grid around the player you when you are build a building
[addition] Display selected worker's inventory on the side of the global job definition.
[addition] Display the current action/task of the worker over his head.
[addition] Killing a sheep gives x1 wool.
[addition] Sheep are automatically (but slowly) healing.
[addition] Split screen in the main menu when playing with more than one players in local.
[addition] Surface areas are hidden when your are underground.
[addition] The camera goes to the selected worker in the global job definition window.
[addition] You can define underground digging areas more easily.
[addition] Splitting of the digging areas into digging hole and digging wall areas.
[addition] You can turn the camera while defining an area
[modification] Centering flower seeds.
[modification] Explosives need less materials to be made.
[modification] Improvement of the catapult trajectory rendering.
[modification] Increase of the maximum number of sheep.
[modification] Increase of the solidity of the iron ore.
[modification] Lanterna are enable more easily (lower light threshold).
[modification] Sun cast hard and soft shadows
[modification] The bookkeeping shows much more types of objects.
[modification] The bookkeeping does not show objects you don't have any of.
[modification] You can only make explosive at the alchemy table.
[modification] You only shred one sheep at a time.
[fixed] "cut" of the terrain is right according to the cursor.
[fixed] Arrows goes to the right direction for PvP Clients
[fixed] Catapult running everywhere.
[fixed] Display of block in hand
[fixed] Freeze of the chat/game when loading a saved game.
[fixed] Human crafting recopies
[fixed] Infinite rotation of the camera.
[fixed] Player <-> menu when splitting the screen.
[fixed] Workers not willing to dig far away.

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